1. Saying Nice Things to Your Pet

Multiple studies have shown that people who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure and heart rate. The Director of the Centre for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University in the US says that animals of many types can help calm stress, fear and anxiety in our day to day lives.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

Sweet talking’ to your pet researchers at the University of South Carolina in the US found can take your mind off stress, and even reduce it by as much as 60 per cent. Our male Burmese Jonah in the photo above loves us to engage in ‘Sweet talking’ with him.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

  1. Spread Vegemite on Your Toast

People who eat vegemite and other yeast-based spreads report they are less anxious and stressed than people who don’t eat them, according to new research by Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos at Melbourne’s Victoria University College of Health and Biomedicine.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

“We know these extracts contain some of the world’s richest sources of B vitamins, which are essential in keeping our bodies energised and regulating the nervous system,” she said.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

  1. Sniffing Your Partner’s Shirt Helps Reduce Stress

If you’re feeling stressed, sniffing your romantic partner’s shirt may help you feel more relaxed and reduce your stress levels, a new study shows, while a stranger’s smell has the opposite effect.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

Researchers from Canada’s University of British Columbia found that smelling a romantic partner’s clothing was associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in women’s blood, according to the study, published January 3 2018 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Five Quirky Ways To De-Stress

  1. Aquariums Deliver Health and Wellbeing Benefits and Reduce Stress

In the first study of its kind, experts from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter assessed people’s physical and mental responses to tanks containing varying levels of fish.The team found that viewing aquarium displays led to noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, and that higher numbers of fish helped to hold people’s attention for longer and improve their moods.

Whilst spending time in ‘natural’ environments has been shown to provide calming effects on humans and reducing their stress levels.

  1. Go Barefoot

If high stress levels are getting you down, then it’s time to get grounded! Earthing can reduce stress and its unwanted consequences.

Research suggests that the negative ions from the earth play an important role in those feel good vibes you receive when walking barefoot on the grass or at the beach.

In 2006, Chevalier, Mori, and Oschman published a study in the European Biology and Bioelectromagnetic Journal that concluded that earthing creates a reduction in overall stress and tension. There were 58 subjects in the study, the majority of whom showed a marked positive change in EEG, EMG, and pulse rates after earthing. In fact, half the subjects showed rapid improvement in these readings as soon as they were grounded. Another pilot study published in 2004 in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine recorded an improvement in the cortisol levels of the grounded subjects leading to better sleep.

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