On the journey of life, we may come across people who are a neighbour or extended family member, maybe an Uncle and Aunt that we wish we had never met. You do everything possible to avoid them or you see them only once a year at a special family function. You tolerate them because they are your neighbour or family member, but they absolutely drain you! You feel like they have beaten you up.

Draino’s And Energy Vampires

These people are experts at stressing you, if you allow them to penetrate your personal space. You can even feel stressed at the thought of maybe seeing them when you get home from work or thinking about the annual family gathering that is still months away.

Draino’s And Energy Vampires

Uncle Bruce can’t wait to tell you every detail of his latest visits to his doctor, whereas Aunt Audrey is a self-appointed expert pointing out what’s wrong with just about everybody, including you and your partner. When you’re with them, you feel absolutely trapped and overwhelmed and can’t wait to escape. After you leave, or they leave, you feel depleted and totally washed out.

Draino’s And Energy Vampires

Draino’s or energy vampires are people who feed off others’ energy to compensate for a lack of their own. They can be needy, absolutely negative, totally judgmental, self-centredand can even become aggressive with their opinions that are ALWAYS RIGHT!

Draino’s And Energy Vampires

If you allow it, a draino will metaphorically suck your lifeblood and leave you empty and feeling totally depleted. You know that you’re in the presence of a draino as their vampire negative energy will affect you every time you are with them. They move you to a state of over stress or even distress.

If you are somebody who is particularly sensitive to the energy of others, sometimes called a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath, you will feel the effects of draino’s and energy vampires even more intensely. Elaine Aron, PhD, coined the phrase “highly sensitive persons” which refers to people who are especially aware of subtleties in their environment and are highly affected by the moods of others. Intuitive psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD, describes individuals with an innate ability to sense what’s going on in those around them—both physically and emotionally—as if it were happening to themselves are “empaths”. This is a wonderful thing when the people around you are kind and positive. It’s much more difficult, perhaps even toxic and downright draining, if you’re interacting with adraino or energy vampire.

Some strategies to deal with draino’s and energy vampires

  • Choice is one of the greatest strategies we have. Choose not to associate with these people.
  • Set appropriate boundaries for yourself, learn to say NO! and exercise this option.
  • You are the ‘Captain of Your Ship’, you make up the rules.
  • Who is running your day? You? or the Draino?

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Draino’s And Energy Vampires

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