When we are travelling it is a joy to go to a resort or hotel and be the recipient of a room, suite or apartment that has recently been built or refurbished. The accommodation has all the ‘mod-cons’ installed that provide you with ultimate comfort.

Some New Traps When Sleeping Away From Home

Sometimes, the excessive devices that have been installed in the room you sleep in, can be so over the top in features that once you close the delightful curtains that totally black out any sources of light from the outside, you get a real surprise in your room when you turn off the lights.

Some New Traps When Sleeping Away From Home

This beautiful resort we are currently staying in caters for westerners who come here to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

Some New Traps When Sleeping Away From Home

We are currently in Thailand facilitating our Stress to Strength Retreat. Our accommodation at the Resort is a beautiful studio that has not long been completed. The room fit out is wonderful, however, when you close the block out curtains and turn off the room lights at night, the surprise is amazing.

Some New Traps When Sleeping Away From Home

Your senses are treated to 10 bright blue lights that illuminate three light switch panels. 3 red lights that identify the microwave, DVD and fire alarm. Another booster for the TV/DVD has a delightful green light. The microwave has a striking red digital clock that beams around the room. Just in case you are having trouble reading the microwave red clock read-out to the left of the bed, the DVD directly ahead under the TV has and another clock with a yellow digital read-out.

Some New Traps When Sleeping Away From Home

WOW!!!…the colours of the rainbow greet you as you lie there in what you expected to be TOTAL darkness. 14 separate lights and 2 clock faces all glowing to make sure you can navigate the room in case you need to go to the bathroom during the night, or there is an emergency.

The ‘cool’ designers have done a remarkable job; however, they have ignored that we go to bed sleep, not to be treated to a ‘light show’.

Sleep quality is the #1 stressor now in Australia the research tells us. This would be similar in many countries in the western world. Research tells us that that a dark room with no light sources is a key element in the search for high quality sleep.

The Well Living Lab in the US www.welllivinglab.com was founded in 2014 in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to study the impact of indoor environments on health and well-being. The platform brings together in-house experts in health sciences, behavioural science and building science to study how built environments affect five factors:

  • health,
  • stress and resiliency,
  • performance,
  • sleep and
  • Comfort

Check out how your bedroom or sleeping space rates with light sources when you turn off your lights when you do to bed.

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